104-Year-Old Swimmer Sets World Records

Becomes oldest masters swimmer in history

Canadian Jaring Timmerman began his swimming career at 79 and has kept it up for 25 years. This week he claimed two world records in the 105–109 age group.

Timmerman swam a lifetime best 3:09.55 in the 50-meter backstroke and a 2:52.48 in the 50-meter freestyle.

Though Timmerman is currently 104, he'll turn 105 in February, which qualifies him to compete for records in the 105–109 age group, a category previously uncontested by any Canadian swimmer. Our guess is that he might not have too much competition in future events.


Meanwhile, an unusually strong winter storm has ravaged the southern United States, stranding commuters, closing schools, and blowing semi trucks right off the road. States of emergency were declared in Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana, and South Carolina as early as Monday in preparation for the winter conditions, but few were prepared for the near-total paralysis of major urban areas.

The weather has forced more than 3,400 commercial flights in the region to be canceled and another 2,000 to be delayed.

Atlanta in particular has turned into a traffic nightmare, with some commuters stuck on the road as long as 19 hours. Weary travelers even took to spending the night in grocery stores and pharmacies.

There have also been reports of hundreds of stranded students spending the night in libraries and gymnasiums, unable to return home.

In Texas, more than 300 traffic accidents have been reported since the storm began. In the city of Austin, police chief Art Acevedo says they are dealing with about 40 accidents every hour.

Although this may seem like an inordinate amount of chaos for just a few inches of snow, most people in the region are unaccustomed to driving in such conditions, and many cities lack the infrastructure to deal with even infrequent winter storms.


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