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Dog owners in Naples could be fined up to $650 for leaving "little presents" on the sidewalk     Photo: bahadir-yeniceri/Thinkstock

Naples Plans to Eliminate Dog Poop

DNA tests determine dog and owner

Naples, Italy, has implemented a canine DNA testing program—but not to learn more about which breeds are most popular in the coastal city. Rather, Naples hopes to rid its sidewalks of dog poop.

The plan is for every dog in the city—an estimated 80,000—to be given a blood test, which will ultimately be added to a database of dogs and owners. If a sample collected on the street matches a dog in the database, the owner can face a fine of more than $650.

“I know some people find it funny that with all the problems the city has we would focus on dog poop. I know that,” Tomasso Sodano, the vice mayor of Naples, told the New York Times. But although the program hasn’t begun testing samples, public behavior is already starting to change.

Other cities have tried similar initiatives, including mailing poop back to the owners, publicly shaming owners, and even offering free Wi-Fi in exchange for plastic bags, according to the Times.


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