Barefoot Runner Smashes Record

Georgia native runs 137 miles indoors

Aug 12, 2014
Outside Magazine
Barefoot Running Alaska Dome 24-hour record

Barefoot Running Record    Iván F. Irigoyen/flickr

Over the weekend, Andrew Snope of Savannah, Georgia, set a new world record in 24-hour barefoot running. The 28-year-old covered 136.98 miles on an indoor 400-meter track in the Alaska Dome in Anchorage, easily besting the old record of 131.43 miles set last year by Peter Wayne of New Zealand.

Snope, as the Alaska Dispatch News reports, is a bartender by trade who took up running just three years ago. He was inspired by Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run and, true to the book's minimalist credo, runs only barefoot and in sandals. He claims never to have owned a pair of running shoes.

“It just informs my form,’’ Snope said. “My running is all about efficiency, and that’s why I’m able to run long distances in relatively short periods of time.’’

After running continuously for 24 hours, with only a few bathroom breaks, Snope reportedly had no blisters, cuts, or scrapes on the bottom of his feet.

That doesn't mean he wasn't happy to be finished. Said Snope after the race, “To take a shower is ecstasy. To sit down is mind-blowing.’’

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