The Gear Junkie: SCI’CON AeroTech Evolution

By Stephen Regenold

Traveling the world with a bike in tow is a challenge. But for cycling enthusiasts who need their wheels on site for a trip, most major airlines have policies in place to make it happen.

To be sure, there are often big extra fees to pay. In recent years, I have flown to international and domestic destinations with a bike, paying as much as $300 once to get my boxed-up mountain bike ferried on a multi-leg Delta itinerary from Minnesota to southern Chile. 
AeroTech Bike Case copy

Last month, heading back to South America, I tested out a high-end bike case from SCI’CON, an Italian manufacturer that touts its AeroTech Evolution as "simply the best bike hard case on the market." At about $1,400, the AeroTech is likely the priciest, too. 

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