Snowboarding the Sahara

Snowboardsand It's dawn on the Algerian border. A bone cold 7 °C. Wind screams across the erg, and in every direction, there’s sand. Metric tons of it. Arcine peaks and deep valleys marked with wave-ripples; all of it deep, rose gold. Our camels carry large canvas sacks of water, chicken, peas, potatoes and it’s pretty much exactly as you’d expect in any tableau of the desert.

All of it, except our snowboards.

Snowboarding in the western Sahara is likely not the first activity you’re considering if traveling in northwestern Africa. But it should be. Aside from the novelty, the lack of tourists, and the obvious adrenaline factor, it’s by far your best bet for getting to know the desert. That, and I'm a firm believer that no matter where you are on the planet, life's more fun when you're haulin' ass.

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