34th Empire State Building Run-Up Tomorrow

Jan 31, 2011
Outside Magazine

Try telling them that. Courtesy of Flickr

Yes, their sanity is in question. Tomorrow, roughly 450 stair runners will tackle the 86 floors that climb to the Empire State Building's observation deck; the winner will likely clock in around the unbelievable 10-minute mark.

The man to beat is Thomas Dold, a German businessman, who is shooting for his sixth Empire State win, according to the New York Times.

“If you take one step, I guarantee you won’t win,” Dold told the Times, “because there will be another guy who takes two.”

Dold's reward if he wins? Bragging rights: there is no prize money. These folks are on a different level.

Also, take a look at Outside's piece on the Sears Tower Climb, from February 2009.

--Will Taylor


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