The Good Route: Clif Bar's New HQ

Clif Bar & Company was among the top three Best Places to Work of 2010, and for lots of good reasons. But Clif's new headquarters in Emeryville, Calif., could give the energy bar company the extra shot of awesomeness needed to push it even higher on the 2011 list.

Clif Bar & Co turned 20 this year (read more about that and about its founder, Gary Erickson, in this interview by The Gear Junkie) and while its original Berkeley, Calif., headquarters were larger than the garage in which Erickson first started making energy bars, it was getting snugger and snugger with each new hire. Plus, its industrial setting didn’t allow much sun to shine in. That all changed in October, when the new HQ opened for business. Herewith, a pictorial tour of the new digs.

Co-CEOs Kit Crawford and Gary Erickson, hanging out at Clif Bar HQ


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