Christopher McDougall's Top 4 Running Tips

Mcdougall bft finish line Born to Run author Christopher McDougall will co-host Reinventing Running: The Cabaret with the actor and avid trail-runner Peter Sarsgaard on Friday, November 5 at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman, coach Eric Orton, Born to Run star Barefoot Ted McDonald, and proponent of paleo-athleticism/nutrition John Durant will all speak at the event. Consider it a prelude to the NYC Marathon Sunday, November 7. You can get tickets at:

Whether or not you’re a believer in barefoot running, McDougall’s got some pointers for you. Here are his top four running tips.

--Aileen Torres

4. Get Naked: The more studies that come about cushioned running shoes, the more overwhelming the evidence that they're a hindrance at best. Even Alberto Salazar, the great marathoner and Nike-sponsored coach, believes that a barefoot-style foot strike is the key to swift, efficient running. The best way to learn proper running form is to strip down to first principals: shuck your shoes and re-acquaint your feet with planet Earth. Once you've mastered barefoot-style form, you're free to wear any footwear you like. Patrick Sweeney wins marathons in Barefoot Ted's huaraches, while Emil Zatopek trained big miles in combat boots and did just dandy.

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