The Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2011

Not that you need to be thinking about this before your holiday party stretch, but the American College of Sports Medicine has released The Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2011. What's hot? Strength training and core training. Surprise. Six packs and a healthy back scored points. What's not? Stability balls, balance training, and Pilates.

“It appears from this survey that Pilates may not have been a trend at all but may be considered a fad in the health and fitness industry,” said Thompson. “Next year’s survey will either embrace Pilates as a trend or will answer this question.”

We're guessing fad. Sorry Daisy Fuentes.

The other trends aren't going to surprise or revolutionize the fitness world the way that say, super chunky knits or boxy handbags caused guffaws on the fall runways. In fact, some of the entries are a little boring—physician referrals, educated and experienced fitness professionals. Still, here are the Top 10 trends in case you want to start in on your New Year's Resolution a little early. Boot camp anyone?

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