7 Questions with Susan Casey

Susan Casey Copyright Ruven Afanador                                                     Susan Casey (Photo by Ruven Afanador)

Bestselling author Susan Casey discusses her new book The Wave, swimming with a tiger shark, and how—as newly appointed editor-in-chief of O Magazine—she’s showing her new boss how to catch a break.
--Stayton Bonner 

How’d you make the leap from Outside creative director to bestselling author?
I went to the University of Arizona on a swimming scholarship and graduated with a degree in French literature and philosophy, which basically qualifies you to run the cappuccino machine at Starbucks. I was depressed, bartending, and didn’t have a work visa. So I went back to Toronto, where I really really didn’t want to be. But it turned out to be a good thing. In a small pond, I was able to quickly do some significant work in magazines. You did everything. During my first two weeks, they were like, “Hey, you want to interview Hunter S. Thompson?”

What was it like with Hunter?

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