Sari Anderson Dominates 24 Hours of Moab

Hands up, or better yet sling a diaper and raise a glass (of milk) to Colorado resident Sari Anderson. This HoneyStinger/Trek rider recently raced the 24 hrs of Moab National Championship with Max Taam. The pair bagged the win for co-ed duo; my partner Mario Correa and I took second. I spoke with the mom of  6-month old Axel and 3-year old Juniper about family, racing and what it's like to be a nursing athlete. 

What is the single most challenging thing about juggling motherhood, training and racing?
Making sure everyone gets ‘their time’. It is very important for me to spend as much time as possible with my husband and children but it is also very important for my sanity for me to have ‘me’ time and get out to train and race. Sometimes it is a difficult decision to decide which should come first but each situation/ race must be looked at closely to make the best decision for everyone.

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