SpiderDan Climbs Again, and Gets Arrested Again

Sep 7, 2010
Outside Magazine

Urban climber Daniel Goodwin was arrested today after climbing to the top levels of a 58-story building in San Francisco. After scaling the Millenium Tower using suction cups, the 54-year-old Goodwin put up an American flag.

SpiderDan on our April 1982 cover On his web site, Goodwin gave two reasons for the climb, to call attention to our vulnerability to terrorism and to raise awareness of cancer.

The reason for my scaling of the Millennium Tower today is twofold. One is to call attention to our nation’s continued vulnerability to attacks of terrorism upon our skyscrapers. Everyday, thousands of people in our country spend time in high-rise building above the seventh floor and beyond the reach of fire ladders. Though developers would like us to believe otherwise, these people are susceptible to being trapped like the people at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

My other reason is to increase public awareness of cancer. Despite my survival, cancer remains a top killer on the planet. My hope is, if a survivor of a Stage Four diagnosis can be seen continuing with their life, no matter how bizarre, others will gain inspiration and together we can find a cure for cancer.

One other thing mentioned at the top of the press release on his web site. To understand his underlying reasons for climbing the tower, he recommends getting a copy of his book, Skyscraperman: A True Story.  

--Joe Spring

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