BP Seals One of Three Leaks

May 5, 2010
Outside Magazine


BP has sealed one of the three leaks spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the New York Times. It doesn't fix the problem - and apparently doesn't do much to help - but at least it's a step.

The efforts were made possible due to the lack of rough waters and weather, which have hampered containment.

    "Submersible robots, controlled remotely from a ship on the surface,were able to place a specially designed valve over the end of a leakingdrill pipe lying on the sea floor in water about 5,000 feet deep," the Times said.

Unfortunately, most of the estimated 210,000 gallons released each day is coming from a different leak, one of two remaining. BP will now focus their efforts on the major leak. The company is reportedly towing a 98-ton containment structure into the Gulf. That structure will be lowered over the leak, allowing BP to pump the oil up to a rig on the Gulf surface. That's the way it will work in theory, anyways. Here's hoping it's a success.

-- Jonah

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