Climbing the Lhotse Face on Everest 2010

Mem-5-15-2002-7-16-58-AM-2272x1712-225x169 On one of my Everest climbs, I was told outright - "If you can't getto camp 3 in under 5 hours, you are out." After a discussion with mygrim reaper on people skills, the logic of the statement made sense.Speed is your friend on any mountain, much less the highest in theworld.

Right now, climbers are positioning themselves for the trip to camp3 and their ticket to the top. But first, they have to climb the LhotseFace. You hear and read a lot about the dangerous Khumbu Icefall andthe horribly hot Western Cwm but when it comes to the real climbing, Ibelieve the Lhotse Face deserves a place in this Hall of Horrors.

The Face is the eastern side of the world's 4th highest mountainLhotse, 8516m or 27,939 feet. Many climbers attempt Lhotse itself inpursuit of all 14 8000m mountains or as a difficult 8000 metermountain. The route is identical to climbing to the South Col but takesa hard right, upwards, just above the Yellow Band to the technical androcky summit.

But the Lhotse Face is the gatekeeper to all of this.

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