Stand-Up Paddleboarding Hawaii: Training Tips

When it comes to training, the key is to find what works best for you. Whetherpreparing for a short-distance race or an endurance paddle, we focus on strengthening our bodies. As important as technique is, we believe physical and mental toughness is even more important. In preparing for our current channel-crossing adventure, Destination 3 Degrees, we worked on making our bodies capable of paddling eight to 20 hours at a time. These are our top five training tips for a paddling expedition.

1. Paddle: Time on the water is invaluable. We can easily mimic the stand-up paddling stroke in the gym, but what's the point? We would rather get out and experience the realthing! The ocean’s conditions are always changing, and we never know what to expect, so the more comfortable we are in a variety of elements, the better off we will be.

2. Balance, Balance, Balance: Stand-up paddling revolves around balance. The better your balance, the less likely you'll fall. And in a race, falling can be the difference between first and second place. To improve our balance, we work with Bosu and Swiss balls and focus on core strength and stability exercises. One of our favoriteexercises is to stand on one leg with eyes closed and then lean over and touch the ground.

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