Born To Run: Caballo Blanco Interview

The ninth annual Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon took place in March, presided over by Micah True, a.k.a. Caballo Blanco. Christopher McDougall's book Born To Run made The White Horse famous among the running crowd, but True continues to do what he's done since he first came out to the badlands of Mexico: cultivate respect for the Raramuri, the Running People. He took time out from his travels to talk about this year's race and set the record straight about barefoot running, which is technically not done barefoot. Go get a pair of huaraches and put them in action on a dirt trail, and you'll see what he means.

--Aileen Torres

How was this year's Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, compared to last year?
It went great. We had 365 participants, in which 265 were Raramuri from all over la Sierra Madre, representing all four municipios. There were 60-plus international runners and about 40 Mexico nationals. One-hundred sixty-five finished the 51-mile version, with 9,300 feet of climb and equal descent.

Last year was also great. There were 235 runners, mostly Raramuri. That race occurred when Born to Run was still on the editor's desk. By the way, the race until this year has been 47 miles, with 1,800 feet less climb. I figured I'd live up to the book's description and give runners more fun for their peso.

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