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By Stephen Regenold

Ironman champion Chris McCormack wears one. So do multiple Olympians and NFL players like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. The new category of sports accessory called performance mouthpieces is certainly catching fire among pros and amateurs alike. These mouthpieces purportedly increase strength and endurance, speed up reaction time, reduce stress, improve flexibility, promote betterbreathing, and quicken recoveryafter competition or training.

Bite Tech, the Minneapolis company that makes the Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece, cites a recent University of Minnesota study that links jaw clenching to stress hormone releases that may inhibit performance. The theory is that clenched teeth, a natural response to elevated stress levels during activity, signal the brain to release chemicals that affect various parts of the body and hold back physical potential. The Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece can help prevent that bad neurological juju, Bite Tech claims. 

Too good to be true? Gear Junkie had to give it a try to find out.

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