The Greenest Sex

Mar 23, 2010
Outside Magazine

In her new book Eco-Sex, author Stefanie Iris Weiss documents the "eco-sexual" revolution, according to opposed to offering one's partner carbon-unfriendly roses, (think ofthose shipping miles involved,) Weiss suggests hand-cranked sex toys,eco-friendly underwear (bamboo) and natural latex mattresses, (althoughshe warns they are less bouncy than those made of springs, coils, andsynthetic foam.) The ultimate eco-sex, however, is of the sort thatresults in no babies. With a planet headed to a population of over ninebillion by 2040, Weiss, (who is childless,) argues that one's ultimatecarbon offset is to have few or no kids. Which leaves one wondering ifmasturbation is perhaps the greenest of all coital encounters.

For the other extreme of carbon love, check out Sex in Space from our December 2006 issue.

--Stayton Bonner

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