Gerry Roach - Mr. 14er (and more)

01Gerry_Roach_sm-150x150 In the climbing world there are a few people who uniquely stand out:Messner, Viesturs, Moro, House, and many more - you know the names. Andthen there are those climbers who have forgotten more climbs than mostpeople have attempted. They may not have been the most difficult orgarnered the fame but they were climbs nonetheless. Gerry Roach ofColorado has a lock on this category.

If you live (or climb) in Colorado you know him from his famous guide book simply called Colorado's Fourteeners: from hikes to climbs.It is the premier guide book for all things 14ers describing 250 routesin sufficient detail for most people to make the summit. In total, hehas authored 15 books.

But who is this guy and what is he up to these days? First a bit of background.

Gerry's early years were flavored with international experiencesstarting with a year in France at age 7 with his family. Soon theymoved to Boulder, Colorado - a rock climbing mecca even in the 1950's.He started climbing rocks and mountains and flew a plane before hedrove a car. His love affair with the international life continuedafter graduating from the University of Washington in 1964 with adegree in math when Gerry served as a teacher in the Peace Corps inBhubaneshwar, India not long after the Peace Corps was formed.

Today, more than 60 years of travel and mountaineering, Gerry hasexplored and lived in dozens of countries and been on more than 30major expeditions. In addition to pursuing a career as a computerscientist, he found time to run a university outdoor program and teachOutward Bound in Colorado and Alaska.

After climbing Mount Everest in 1983, Gerry went on to become thesecond person to climb the highest peak on each of the 7 continents in1985. In 2003, Gerry became the first person to climb every major peakover 16,000 feet in North America. Gerry received the Sierra Club’scoveted Farquhar lifetime achievement award for mountaineering in 2005and the Colorado Mountain Club’s rare Ellingwood Golden Ice Ax Award in2006.

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