The Top 10 Songs About The Outdoors

Many artists have penned paeans to Mother Nature, but only a few can make my list. Sentimental songs about the beauty of the wilderness often cross over into the sappy and trite. No matter how genuine the appreciation, I can't reward repetitive cheesiness. To make my list, a song needs to offer more: a new perspective on what it means to be outside.

--Aileen Torres

10. Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors - Spinal Tap: Only the Tap could write such a song celebrating rock, drunkenness, general dissolution, and public exhibition. They may be a pretend band, but they know the true gift of the great outdoors: the freedom to be completely and utterly your whole, stinking self.

9. Hunting the Duck - Zeke Hoskin: An upbeat ditty lampooning duck hunters from the city. It's a parody of the idea of masculinity. (If you're a real hunter, you'd be above all this because you'd actually know how to hunt. And I'm sure you'd get a laugh out of listening, too.)

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