World's Best Cold Water Swimmer

Pugh Lewis diving into the seas off Antarctica (Photo by Terje Eggum)

There's no better time to call out Lewis Gordon Pugh than during COP15.

Pugh dons nothing more than a cap, goggles, and a Speedo to call attention to shrinkage. He's set long-distance, cold-water swimming records allaround the the globe in an effort to raise awareness of climate change. In the process he's established a healthy competition with the polar bear for attracting news related to global warming. But which land mammal is the best cold water swimmer?

World's Best Cold Water Swimmer: Lewis Gordon Pugh vs. The Polar Bear

After tackling saltwater records all over the globe, in April of 2010 Pugh plans to swim in a glacial lake on the Khumbu Glacier under the summit of Mt. Everest.

"This swim is being billed by a number of swimming websites as the mostdifficult swim ever to be attempted," said Pugh. "The combination of the watertemperature (approximately 0 degrees centigrade), fresh water (nobuoyancy compared to salt water) and the altitude contribute to this."

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