The Good Route: A Long, Fruitful Ride Ends


Photo: Anne Mustoe from her website

By Mary Catherine O'Connor

For some people, the only kinds of bike rides to go on are the epic kind. Such was the opinion, it seems, of Anne Mustoe, a British citizen who, during a trip to India in 1983, decided she wanted to quit her job as a headmistress and embark on a long journey. That compulsion grew into not one but two circumnavigations of the globe on her trusty Condor bike and Brooks saddle. Following an illness, she died early last month in Syria, during her third attempt to ride around the world. She was 76.

Though she was 54 when she set off on her first ride, cycling and writing about it became the focus of the rest of her life. She wrote a total of seven books, all but one of which were based on bike rides. Her first two books recount her first two circumnavigations (the first from the west to east, the second from east two west) and most of the others tell of shorter rides along specific routes, such as the Santa Fe trail and Che Guevara's path across South America.

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