The Running Man: Let My People Taper!

Oct 24, 2009
Outside Magazine

Ok, for anyone running the New York City Marathon Nov. 1, it's time to back off the training a little. Actually, it was time to start backing off last week. It's now eight days until the race, and a lot of people have questions about how much training to do in this last week. The answer: Less, but don't cut yourself completely off. Check out the series of workouts Terrence Mahon and his crew at Run Mammoth have set up for me for these last two weeks before the race. You'll see—tapering is not just kicking back on the couch. The weekly mileage hit a peak two weeks ago, and has been dropping off, but I'm still doing speed workouts and tempos, albeit a little shorter than usual.

5 WEEKS LEFT: 60 miles
4 WEEKS LEFT: 62.5 miles
3 WEEKS LEFT: 53 miles

2 WEEKS LEFT: 45 miles
Monday: Recovery - 6 miles at 7:25
Tuesday: Intervals - 6x800 at 2:42 with 3 min rest
Wednesday: Recovery - 6 miles at 7:25
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Tempo - 4 miles at 5:39, 2 miles warm up/cool down
Saturday (TODAY): 6 miles at 7:25 pace
Sunday: Long run -- 14 miles (6 at 6:48, 6 at 6:32 per mile)
Total: 45

FINAL WEEK: 23 miles
4 miles at 7:25
Tuesday: Intervals -- 6x600 at 2:08, with 2 minutes rest, 2 miles warm-up/cool-down.
Wednesday: 4 miles at 7:25
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Tempo - 2 miles at 5:51; 2 miles warm up/cool down
Saturday: 3 miles at 7:06
Sunday: 26.2 miles -- all out.
Total: 23 miles

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