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Geriatric-oriented nutrition shakes are a secret adventure race fuel

Sep 30, 2011
Outside Magazine
Boost Nutritional Energy Drink

Boost Nutritional Energy Drink    Photo: Courtesy of NestlĂ© S.A.

Liquid "food" products from the unlikely sources of Abbott Laboratories and Nestlé S.A. offer quick calories in the heat of a race. The food giants respectively make Ensure Shakes and Boost Drink, which are bottled shakes often sold in a grocery store's pharmacy section and marketed toward the elderly and the infirm. But racers can poach grandma's chocolate remedies. Both drinks taste surprisingly good in the outback and provide easy-to-down energy at about 250 calories a pop. With some bonus protein and fat, these eight-ounce drinks have found a place in my pack.

Price: sold in six-packs for $8 to $10

Boost.com; Ensure.com

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