Fit to the Core

LISTEN UP: There's way more to achieving peak fitness than strength and cardio training. Here's how to unite body, mind, and soul to transform yourself into a Whole Athlete

Jan 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

The whole athlete: ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes practices long-term health at Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

You think sweat and pain are going to make this your best year ever? Guess what, pal—it's bigger than that. Much bigger. You need to recalibrate your tunnel-vision concept of health and fitness. You need a better way.

Breath In. Breath Out.
Getting started.

Wellness Secrets of Adventure Athletes

PLUS: The best urban retreats, luxe international adventures, a spa virgin takes the plunge, a primer on the brave new world of wellness, life on 1,500 calories a day, and a guide to good skin care.

Wellness Resolution
Make 2004 your best fitness year ever by heeding the advice of outdoor athletes like kayaker Eric Jackson and mountain biker Tinker Juarez.

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