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Traveling fast and light doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything. Here's how to take a little of the good life with you on your next trip.

Apr 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
outdoor gear

outdoor gear

outdoor gear

1. The new SWISS ARMY HUNTSMAN LITE's coolest gizmo, an LED light embedded in the handle, lets you light your way back to the car, through the cooler, and to the good beer. Then use the bottle opener to pop the cap. ($53; 800-442-2706,

2. There are camp stools—and then there's the HOWDASEAT. Weighing less than two pounds, this sleek basswood-and-canvas seat rolls up for easy stowage in a daypack. ($43; 800-348-3884,

3. When it's time for tea at the end of a long day, break out MSR's TITAN KETTLE. Holding just under a liter, the titanium kettle has a drip-free spout for spot-on pouring. ($40; 800-531-9531,

4. Prepare a real feast on your next overnight with the MOBILE GOURMET ADVENTURE kit. The 14-piece culinary armory includes an eight-inch chef's knife, boning knife, spatula, grater, thermometer, and multitongs perfect for whisking pancake batter, flipping steaks over the fire, and serving up delights. ($180; 877-220-3340,

5. Do campground coffee right: Plug the VELOX 12V TRAVEL ESPRESSO MAKER into your car's cigarette lighter and savor fresh shots made by infusing the beans with accurately pressurized 180-degree water. ($69; 800-345-8945,

6. On a frosty spring morning, it's hard to beat breakfast with tea cozies on your feet. SIERRA DESIGNS' DOWN BOOTIES keep the cold out and the heat in. ($32; 800-635-0461,

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