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Sore and suffering after a long day? Flush away the pain and restore your mojo with these eight feel-better tools.

Mar 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
imedic 500 massage chair

BEFORE LAUNCHING into one of its nine preprogrammed rubdowns, the iMEDIC 500 MASSAGE CHAIR, from OSIM, measures your back and locates your shoulders for a personalized treatment with heat, kneading, and drool-inducing vibration. $4,000; 714-630-1600, » Don't ignore those hardworking dogs while treating the rest of your body. The REMOTE FOOT MASSAGER, from MASSAGENIUS, provides infrared heat, 12 speeds, and pressure-point stimulation. $250; 972-407-9129, » CHADSWORTH AND HAIG's SHAWL COLLAR TRESARO ROBE—made of thick chenille microfiber—makes most other bathrobes feel like towels with sleeves. $129; 888-917-6237, » SHARPER IMAGE's MAGNETIC THERAPY EYE MASK can be heated, to boost circulation and open sinuses after a rough day, or chilled, to improve appearances after a long night. $20; 800-344-0033, » HOMEDICS' THERAP MOIST/DRY HEATING PAD delivers two square feet of soothing warmth. $30; 800-466-3342, » Those travel pillows work just as well at home. Cradle your head in BROOKSTONE's TEMPUR-PEDIC TRANSIT PILLOW and the stress'll melt away. $75; 800-846-3000, » EL NATURALISTA's BADAWI reflexology sandals keep the healing going when you have to get up to make more tea. $115; 603-763-4772, » ALL TERRAIN's RECOVERY RUB, made from arnica and kava kava, delivers relief to aching joints. $10; 603-763-8800,

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