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For Outside Hard Way columnist Mark Jenkins, a recent trip to Tibet was a window into the future of adventure

Jan 3, 2006
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Mark Jenkins in Tibet

The second camp for Mark Jenkins and climbing partner Ross Lynn on the East Face of Nyambo Konka, the first camp having been demolished by an avalanche.    Photo: Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins's Tibet Photo Gallery

For exclusive images of Tibet taken by Hard Way columnist Mark Jenkins, click here.

In "Lost Horizons" Outside Reconnaissance Agent Mark Jenkins's March Hard Way column, now on stands, Jenkins delves into the future of adventure, where it's going and what's still left unconquered, while tackling his own challenge of climbing Tibet's 20,059-foot Nyambo Konka with friend Ross Lynn.

"Climbing mountains is an act I happen to love, but it is only one narrow version of adventure," writes Jenkins. "There are thousands. In fact, there's one for every human with the passion to push personal boundaries."

Jenkins has made a career out of traveling to the farthest reaches of the globe in his search for adventure, history, and human understanding. For the past seven years, Jenkins' column, The Hard Way, and features stories for Outside have explored the meaning and joy of the physical outdoor life. From the joy and pain of leaving home in "The Long Goodbye" to a clandestine journey across Afghanistan in "A Short Walk in the Wakhan Corridor" to traveling the entire Burma Road in "The Ghost Road" Jenkins has run the gamut. He is the author of three award-winning books: The Hard Way, To Timbuktu, and Off the Map and has received numerous writing awards.

Here, see exclusive photos that Jenkins took on his recent Tibet trek.

For a complete list of Jenkins's Hard Way columns, click here and check out Jenkins's own The Hard Way page at

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