The Whaling Debate

Read "Bloody Business" by Philip Armour, then join the debate over whaling here.

Apr 5, 2006
Outside Magazine
whaling debate

Photo by Philip Armour   

In Outside's "Bloody Business" (May), Philip Armour boards the Norwegian whaling vessel Sofie and observes the harpooning and butchering of several minke whales. Despite a worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling, the practice is still legal in Norway, with whalers killing a total of 639 minke whales in the North Atlantic in 2005. Whaling remains highly controversial, and a worldwide debate rages, with whaling opponents like Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherds leading the fight to abolish the killing of whales for good.

Tell us what you think. Should the worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling be upheld, or are there situations in which killing whales is acceptable? Armour will moderate your answers in this exclusive forum.

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