Stanley Maxlife 369 Flashlight


Apr 21, 2005
Outside Magazine
Stanley Maxlife 369 Flashlight

Stanley Maxlife 369 Flashlight

Growing up in a city of nine million, I got used to being a little bit scared all the time, but here in the Southwest, at night, when it's really dark, I mean D-A-R-K dark, and almost completely quiet (too quiet), it can get WAY more freaking scary. For me, the late night dog walk feels just like walking straight into the scariest part of a Stephen King novel. (Yes, I'd be the naive girl about to scream her head off.) Thank goodness for the Stanley Maxlife 369 flashlight to put my mind at ease. Not only does it light up the backyard like the stage at a Kiss concert—with three brightness settings—but like everything Stanley makes, it's positively indestructible. Armed with the ol' 369 in my hand, I've got the confidence and fearless bravado to go into even the creepiest corners of the arroyo behind our house. I haven't even started on its powerful "instantly blind" effect (by way of its six pre-focused lenses), which I can turn on any psycho-crazy half bear/half escaped convict who may or may not be hiding behind the shed. Why is it called the 369, you may wonder? It works on three, six, or nine AA batteries. With three batteries, it's as lightweight as a cell phone (very convenient!) but with the full nine its heft puts my mind at ease—not to mention the 200-plus-hour (that's 8.3 days, people!) life span. How comforting to know that its slip-resistant rubber grip keeps the thing glued to your hand even when your palms suddenly start gushing sweat at the sound of a breaking branch . . . even if you could drop it, its got shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and of course its groovy handle features anodized-aluminum space-frame construction perfect for bashing... space aliens?... no, lighting your way! $25,

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