Brazilian Amazon Travel

Oct 3, 2008
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The Brazilian Amazon

Pearson and crew arrive at Fazenda Santo Antonio do Paraíso, the ranch of João Carlos Marinho Lutz.    Photo: Stephanie Pearson

The Brazilian Amazon

The River of the Dead runs near the Carters' fishing camp of Rancho Jacobá.

The Brazilian Amazon

John Carter with a dead jararacucu do brejo snake in the front yard of Fazenda Santo Antonio.

The Brazilian Amazon

The Kamayurá village consists of a series of traditional thatch-roof huts.

The Brazilian Amazon

A Kamayurá girl stands outside her hut.

The Brazilian Amazon

Manioc dough, a staple of the Kamayurá villagers' diet, sits in a wooden bowl.

The Brazilian Amazon

Kamayurá children play on the shores of Lake Ipazu.

The Brazilian Amazon

A boy hugs the satellite that connects Kamayurá to the outside world.

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