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Outside senior editor Sam Moulton reviews the lightest, fastest, and sleekest new products on the market.

Aug 8, 2008
Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine, September 2008

The September issue includes 59 new tools and ideas that will change your life

Nike LunaRacer (1:30)
The lightest marathon-racing shoe on the planet.
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Puma v1.08 (1:16)
A soccer ball that instantly stiffens upon contact.
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Swany G-Cell (1:46)
Stay dialed on the slopes with a Bluetooth-equipped ski glove.
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The Lunocet Monofin (1:35)
A swim fin that can power you at 10 mph underwater.
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Helly Hansen Odin PCM (1:20)
A jacket that releases heat when you're cold, and stores it when you're hot.
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Neuton 6.2 (1:50)
A quiet (and cordless!) battery-powered lawn mower.
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