Extras: Lap-Lane Toys for the Technologically Savvy

May 2, 2004
Outside Magazine
Outside magazine, August 1996

Extras: Lap-Lane Toys for the Technologically Savvy
By Laura Hilgers

If you're a swimmer with a gear fetish, you're a pretty frustrated sort, unless you've seen the new sculpted lap-lane devices from Zura Sports, which not only give you something to lust after, but also represent real biomechancal progress over older pool toys. The Sprint Board ($28), for swimmers over 160 pounds., is less buoyant than its chunky forebears, so it slices through the water just below the surface, reducing strain on the shoulders and back. And its cut-out tail lets you kick naturally, with your head in the water. The Speedray model ($28) is made of molded EVA foam, which prevents chafing. It has a one-piece design and is less buoyant than typical buoys, making it perfect for practicing hip rotation.

From Zura Sports, 975 Eastwind Drive, Suite 150, Westerville, Ohio 43081; 800-890-3009.

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