Mexican Galapagos: Cheek to Jaws

May 2, 2004
Outside Magazine
Travel Guide, Winter 1995-1996

Mexican Galapagos: Cheek to Jaws
By Bill Belleville

For shark divers, the remote pinnacles and islands of the Revilla Gigedo off Baja California are both punishment and reward. The punishment is the 260-mile boat trip southwest from Cabo San Lucas across open seas. The reward is coming face to face with schools of hammerheads and manta rays (the sharks don't attack; they find plenty to eat without devouring divers).

Visit the volcanic isles of San Benedicto and Socorro aboard Solmar V, a new 112-foot-long live-aboard that takes you to see coffee-table-size groupers, silky and tiger sharks, an aquariumlike tidal pool among shallow rocks, and pinnacles that extend thousands of feet. San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions runs trips November 21-28 and December 12-20, with comfortable digs, all meals, and dive gear ($2,000 per person; 619-299- 8560)

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