Caymans in summer: BYO bug juice

May 5, 2004
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Caymans in summer: BYO bug juice
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Caymans in summer: BYO bug juice
Question: Is Little Cayman going to be swarming with mosquitoes in August? Online pictures of resort rooms usually show mosquito netting above the beds. How bad is it?

Richard Webb
Pittsburgh, PA
[email protected]

You are here.
So are the mosquitoes.

Adventure Adviser: Let me put it this way, Richard: That mosquito netting isn't just for show.

Skeeters can be bothersome in most jungly Caribbean isles during the summer, but--and here's the good news--Little Cayman is so little and dry that bug-breeding vegetation there is pretty sparse, which means the mosquito population is practically non-existent. And at one resort I checked with, all the rooms are netting-free, which is a good indication that they don't field too many bug-related complaints.

Nonetheless, I'd make like a Boy Scout and bring the bug juice, just in case.

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