Going Places: Tales from the road: Outdoor travel in Australia

May 5, 2004
Outside Magazine
The 'Top End' Down Under
Audio credit

This audio clip was made possible by the kind contribution of Sean Borman, Webmaster of Dreamtime: The Didjeridu W3 server, a comprehensive resource on the subject.

The clip is an extract from a central Arnhem Land Gunborg of the Bungalin-Bungalin cycle, composed and sung by Jolly Lajwonga with David Bylanadji on didjeridu. It is entitled "Malanbalanj Bagama," or "small dance" song.

The source of the recording is:

Arnhem Land Popular Classics
1963 Field Recordings of Traditional Singing
and Didjeridu by Australian Aboriginal Elders
Beswick Government Settlement, N.T.
Collected by L. M. West, 1961-1962

Available from:
Tan Cahill
18017 107th SW
Vashon, WA 98070
(206) 463 2870

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