Mountaineering: Isn't That Sweet

May 2, 2004
Outside Magazine
Outside magazine, May 1995

Mountaineering: Isn't That Sweet
By Todd Balf

In the increasingly combed-over world of mountaineering, an emerging tradition appears to be the "tandem" ascent. A few years ago, alpinists Jeff Lowe and Catherine Destivelle popularized the pursuit when they successfully climbed opposing faces in the French Alps, with at least part of the object being a big triumphant hug at the summit. Now a couple of well-known British climbers are aiming for something similar on Pakistan's imposing 20,470-foot Trango Tower. Paul Pritchard will lead a three-person team this July in a bold attempt to climb the mountain's cold north face. At the same time, significant other Celia Bull and her team will attempt the first all-female ascent of Trango via the sunnier and more common route up the south face. Onward to the top.

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