The Foolproof, Titanium-Enriched Cure for Insomnia

May 2, 2004
Outside Magazine
Outside magazine, January 1996

The Foolproof, Titanium-Enriched Cure for Insomnia
By Todd Balf and Paul Kvinta (with Brooke DeNisco, Martin Forstenzer, and Eileen Hansen)

Is it the future of mountain-bike racing, or just a trendy aberration? "My goal is to take mountain-bike racing out of the world of cycling and into the world of sport," says Laird Knight, the promoter of a series of 24-hour relay races. "I want grandmothers to know about this." Knight's eccentric, sleep-deprived brainchild seems to be a hit: Last June's 24 Hours of Canaan in West Virginia received coverage from the likes of the New York Times,and last October's inaugural event in Moab, Utah, drew 124 five-person teams. The latter race certainly didn't disappoint anyone in search of the ultimate endurance flogging. Sandstorms whipped riders during the night, and snow and temperatures in the low thirties greeted them at daybreak, as a Schwinn team led by Mike Kloser and Ranjeet Grewal pulled away to outpace the men's field. Fox Force Four, led by Mia Stockdale and Gretchen Reeves, did likewise among the women.

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