Just curious about Pittman's threat of libel action

May 5, 2004
Outside Magazine

Jon Krakauer

Just curious about Pittman's threat of libel action
Question: Dear Jon,

Thought your Outside article on Everest and your book were exceptional works. Could not put either down as you truly gave the reader a harrowing "you-are-there" experience. Question — as an attorney, I found it interesting that you weren't as critical of Boukreev, Pittman, et al., in the book as you seemed in the article. Was this deliberate? Was it a result of Pittman's (and/or others) threat of a libel action? Or was it simply the result of the passage of time that resulted in the mellow and diplomatic portrayals in the book? Just curious.

Thanks again

Chris Perry
Oklahoma City, OK
[email protected]

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