Nova Scotia

May 2, 2004
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The Trip-Finder, January 1998
Nova Scotia

Biking the Cabot Trail

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The Route: Pedaling for five days on the 184-mile paved loop around Cape Breton Island. You'll pass Acadian fishing villages and vast stands of coniferous forest, with side excursions into Cape Breton National Park.

When to go: June to October

Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous

Travel advisory: Make sure your bike has new brake pads. The route has two long downhills so steep that local drivers used to drag logs behind their cars to aid in braking.

High/low points:

  • Humpback whales surfacing while eagles dive-bomb for fish just offshore.
  • Discovering the three reasons most bicycle outfitters avoid the Cabot Trail: the North, French, and Smokey Mountains.

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