Cross Training

Here come longer days and better weather. Make the most of the multisport season with the hottest new gear.

Apr 24, 2007
Outside Magazine
Cross Training Gear

(1) LAYER Can't decide between the warmth of a puffy jacket and the low weight of a vest? MontBell's 800-fill Ultra Light Down Half Sleeve is the perfect compromise. 6 oz, $120;
(2) SWIM Lose the post-pool eye circles with Barracuda's Wire Triton goggles; their soft silicone-based frames don't leave marks. $22;
(3) SECURE Prevent boat theft with Stick Protection Technology's Lockable Tie Downs, which have both locks and knifeproof stainless-steel straps. 8 ft, $75; 13 ft, $85;
(4) CAST Cloudveil's Crystal Creek Wading Pants, with a trim cut and removable suspenders, fit and feel better than traditional waders. $365;
(5) SCHLEP Stay cool with Gregory's Z22 daypack. Its curved frame allows air to circulate against your back¬ówithout compromising support. $99;
(6) GLOW Reflective graphics on SweetskinZ's Scorch tires shine brightly in a car's headlights. 26 in, $40;
(7) PEDAL Shimano's heat-moldable SH-R300 road shoes literally conform to your feet. $350;

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