Christopher Anderson

Silent Shooter

Mar 20, 2009
Outside Magazine

We all start out as idealists, but now war photography is just what I do what I know how to do. Name the conflict and I've probably been there: Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, the Central African Republic. It's a compulsive curiosity. I want to know what war feels, smells, sounds, and tastes like. I was with the first company of American soldiers to enter Baghdad and lost vision in my right eye for a couple of weeks when a rocket hit the vehicle I was riding in. There are photos that have changed things, but I don't believe in announcing that as my intention. If I can make a difference, I think it's adding to the historical record. Mostly, my reasons are my own selfish curiosity. I find it presumptuous when photographers say otherwise. I can't deny that I like adventure, but I don't take foolish risks. Well, maybe a couple like getting on a wooden boat with 44 Haitian immigrants trying to sail to the U.S. As we were sinking, a Coast Guard ship happened upon us and saved us from certain death. I wanted to feel that boat rock.

Anderson, 39, has a new photo book, Capitolio a look at dark nights in Caracas, Venezuela coming out in August.

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