Tom Brokaw

Nomadic Newsman

Mar 23, 2009
Outside Magazine

There's just a sense of vitality, constantly, when you're out there. It helps you find out who you are. I don't mean I'm the kind of person who goes through life examining his navel, but I find that I'm renewed when I go off the grid. Part of the reason I wanted to get away from the dailyness of the Nightly News and Meet the Press is that I've still got my legs and I want to use them while I can. Getting on a cross-trainer is not my idea of adventure. But I've had my nose down so much in recent years that I haven't been able to lean back and say, Oh, God, I want to go do that. The important thing is always to be thinking about your next trip. Always to have it out there, just a little beyond your reach.

Brokaw, 69, a frequent adventure partner of Yvon Chouinard, has climbed, hiked, and fished around the world, from Rainier to Mongolia to Patagonia.

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