Roz Savage

Rowing Machine

Mar 23, 2009
Outside Magazine

You can very honestly ask, What does bobbing around in a rowboat contribute to the greater good? Well, people find inspiration in what I do. I've learned that you can achieve any challenge if you just break it into tiny pieces. It takes me a million oar strokes to cross the Atlantic. That's a hell of a lot of oar strokes. And in ocean rowing, very early on you pass the point of no return. The trade winds are blowing you and you can't turn around and row into the headwind, so you have to figure out how to make it to the other side without driving yourself crazy. When I first set out, my emotions were up and down. I'd come up onto my deck and go, I quit. Then I'd look around and see nobody there. I've learned that nothing worthwhile is easy. But, even when I'm having the most miserable time, I can say, Hey, this will make a great story in the pub.

In May, Savage, 41, will begin the second leg of her row across the Pacific, roughly 2,500 miles from Hawaii to the island nation of Kiribati.

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