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Disc Golf & Volleyball

Jul 1, 2006
Outside Magazine
summer style

On Matt, cotton T-shirt ($50) and Kailua nylon swim trunks ($55) from POLO BY RALPH LAUREN; Spun Poly flip-flops ($40) by TEVA. (Carlos Serrao)

summer style

Upgrade your lawn Olympics with one of these backyard standouts

While there is such a thing as extreme croquet (go ahead, Google it), we found that the Oakley Woods Extreme Croquet set's mallets—with solid-ash shafts and polyethylene heads—work just as well when played leisurely, with a gin-and-tonic in hand. 6-Player Set, $329;

This Italian favorite is really just horseshoes with balls. You can play on almost any surface—dirt, packed gravel, even grass—and, unlike when you're pitching steel, you needn't worry about an errant bounce kneecapping your buddy. Eddie Bauer Performance Bocce Set, $90;

Badminton + Volleyball
Your shuttlecock-swatting, bump-set-spiking friends will dig the fact that Coleman's net adjusts to three official heights. Bonus: It's sturdy enough to hold up against an overzealous uncle. Coleman Deluxe Volleyball/Badminton Net Set, $139;

Disc Golf
Nothing kills a summer buzz like trying to herd all your friends to an official disc-golf course. Instead, lure them to your lawn with Mach Lite's collapsible target. It's the disc equivalent of a putting green. Mach Lite Portable Target, $150 (plus $30 for three discs);

It's like curling, only warmer. Frontgate's go-anywhere set comes with a 27-foot vinyl rollout court, discs, cues, and friction-reducing court spray. All you need is an open mind—and a 40-foot-long flat surface. Frontgate Portable Shuffleboard Set, $595;
—Sam Moulton

From left: On Kate, cotton-poplin Buzz Off Butterfly insect-repellent bandanna ($12) by EX OFFICIO; cotton L/S Striped Tee ($30) by LEVI'S; cotton-and-spandex denim Ruler shorts ($110) by LEVI'S CAPITAL E. On Matt, organic-cotton-and-spandex Stretch Logo hat ($22) and nylon Wavefarer boardshorts ($45) by PATAGONIA.

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