Swing Time

Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul

Oct 15, 2007
Outside Magazine
Swing Time

   Photo: Adam Levey

Look closely, and you can see Rune Andersson's initials inscribed on the head of this splitting maul. He's one of 11 professional smiths the Swedish company Gränsfors Bruks employs. I learned this on page two of "The Axe Book"—there are also tips on everything from log limbing to ax throwing—which comes with each maul. You can also learn a lot just by inspecting it: The 5.25-pound steel head has been tempered and annealed to perfection; the hickory handle is a work of art. But, most important, it's awesomely adept at its job: exploding rounds—with or without a wedge—with a terrific crack that's better than a shot of testosterone.

Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul $137 gransfors.com

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