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Jack Shea: Field Educator

Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine


"EDUCATION WITH NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE." That's how Journeys School executive director Jack Shea, 54, describes the Jackson, Wyoming–based pre-K–12 program, which combines traditional subjects with environmental projects to nurture a new generation of eco-conscious kids. Under Shea's leadership, Journeys—founded in 2001 as an offshoot of the Teton Science Schools—now has a new campus to match its green philosophy. The $23 million project, which wrapped in September, features recycled-tire carpeting, buildings sited to receive maximum solar radiation, and 880 acres of open space. The facility will act as a lab for the Teacher Learning Center, a residential program that trains educators from around the world in Journeys' experiential curriculum. "Everyone likes to complain about education," says Shea, "but we enjoy actually doing something about it."

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