The Aftermath

You know about the eight gold medals. Here's what they added up to.

Dec 23, 2008
Outside Magazine

two: Miles swum in nine days of competition at the Olympic Games

36: Days after the Olympics Phelps did not work out in a pool

eleven: Number of blogs that had "Michael Phelps" in their URL at press time

26.6%: Olympics news stories focused on Phelps during the Games

16: Bids for a January 2008 issue of Outside, with Phelps on the cover, on eBay (it sold for $50)

1,1618,031: Number of "phans" on his Facebook page at press time, making him nearly as popular as Barack Obama (2,136,889 supporters)

one: Minutes it took for Phelps to gain ten more "phans" as we were researching this

SIX: Reported number of figures in Phelps's mom's endorsement deal with women's-clothing company Chico's

10,000,000: Number of boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Rice Krisples Treats, and Keebler Club Crackers his mug will appear on

$1.6 Million: The advance reportedly paid to Phelps by Free Press, a unit of Simon & Schuster, for his forthcoming bio

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