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Fight back! Don't succumb to the cold-weather blues this winter—head south to the Caribbean and Central America, where the sun comes up early and the ice comes shaved. Presenting the six freshest surf-and-chill outdoor adventures this season.

Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
St. Barts

Paradise on the Horizon: The boat-choked waters of St. Barts    Photo: Digital Vision

Om Away from Home: Jungle Bay Resort & Spa, Dominica

Mesoamerican Reef, Belize

O Captain! My Captain!:
The Arabella, St. Barthélemy

Greco-Caribbean Fusion:
The Beach House, Barbuda

A Resort Reborn:
Club Med Buccaneer's Creek, Martinique

Fly Me to the Surf:
Macaw Air, Costa Rica

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From Outside Magazine, Dec 2005

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