Tim Zimmermann

Feb 12, 2009
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Tim Zimmermann

Tim Zimmermann   

Tim Zimmermann is a writer, sailor and blogger. He is the author of "The Race"(Houghton Mifflin, 2002), a history of extreme, round-the-world sailing, which was selected for Barnes & Nobles' Discover Great New Writers program. His Outside story, "Raising the Dead," about a cave diving tragedy in South Africa, was a National Magazine Award Finalist in the category of Feature Writing, and was selected for the 2006 edition of "The Best American Sports Writing." Prior to becoming a Contributor at Outside, Tim was an award-winning Senior Editor and Diplomatic Correspondent at US News & World Report. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife Ilana, and their two children.

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Hell in High Water
In January 1969, six boys hiked into California's Sespe wilderness for a camping trip. None came back alive. Thirty-nine years later, Tim Zimmermann examines how one wrong decision in the wild can change the course of history.

It's Hard Out Here for A Shrimp
What swims at 20 miles per hour, can carve out hunks of human flesh, and will attack anything that moves? The Humboldt squid. Brace yourself for a dive with the eeriest beast in the ocean.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Dr. Claudio Stampi teaches endurance sailors how to perform better on minimal sleep. The secret, he says, is learning how to power-nap.

Raising the Dead
At the bottom of the biggest underwater cave in the world, diving deeper than almost anyone had ever gone, Dave Shaw found the body of a young man who had disappeared ten years earlier. What happened after Shaw promised to go back is nearly unbelievable—unless you believe in ghosts.

Record Collector
You better grab a lifeline and hold on tight when Steve Fossett decides to make another manic bid for glory.

Knives in the Water
Clip in and hang on for the 31st America's Cup—a game of skill, guile, wealth, power, pettiness, paranoia, espionage, and egomania. And the sailing's not bad, either.

She Rules the Waves
For intrepid sailor Ellen MacArthur, round-the-world records are meant to be shattered.

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